Dating : My mind has convinced me I’m never going to end up in any facet of a relationship

Dating : My mind has convinced me I’m never going to end up in any facet of a relationship

I see all of these beautiful women in public and online, and I always think that I would like to have a shot, but I never see myself with any of these people. Am I attracted to these people? Very much so, but I don’t ever see myself being in a relationship. It’s like I acknowledge their beauty, but think I have no shot. I guess right now I see myself being alone until the day I die. I just can’t see myself having a partner.

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  1. I’ve got ya bro….I feel the same….however Im experiencing a life time solitude so far….at age 33…so tell you now….you wont stay alone if you dont want….like really dont want….
    I will cuz a lifetime faliure taught me about thats what i meant to do…..if no chix ever wanted me in 33 yrs i dont think i’ll end up anywhere….its like im waving a big red flag….hey 33 never been in relationship….cool im sure i’ll attract a lot of women whit that….so just dont give up bro cuz you gonna end up like me.You dont want that.

  2. You’re never going to end up with someone if you don’t even try. I also used to feel like I would never be in a relationship, but once I started trying, I realised that actually I could find people who were attracted to me

  3. Im a girl version of you. And i know the feeling sucks especially when i end up always being unlucky in relationships lol. I wouldn’t even bother anymore, I’ve been trying for years and still nothing

  4. My problem is whenever I see an attractive woman out in public, she’s invariably taken. I’m sure realistically I’d have nothing in common with most any of them, but it is disheartening that none of the people you’re attracted to are ever attracted to you.

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