Dating : How to Fulfil the Need for Attraction in Your Relationship

h2>Dating : How to Fulfil the Need for Attraction in Your Relationship

Jacqui Olliver

Within relationships we play an ongoing game of attraction. From dating requests to intimate relations, how you initiate conversations and contact is either going to enhance or detract from a person’s level of attraction for you. In order to illustrate this concept, I’m going to outline three key ideas to help you fulfil the need for attraction in your relationship.

1. Lead from the start in your relationship

In dating and relationships you either lead or be misled. Many of us are attracted to people who are strong in themselves and are decisive leaders. Someone who knows what they want is far more attractive rather than someone who is wishy-washy or insipid in their quality of character.

How many times have you been frustrated with another person’s indecisiveness? How often are you, yourself indecisive? So often, our communication breaks down due to either or both partners being indecisive. While some people may view their indecision as being polite, over a period of time it can become an issue of contention and harm the relationship. This happens when one partner feels they are constantly the one having to make decisions without receiving much input.

Be firm in knowing what you want and don’t want. Irritation occurs when your partner asks you where you want to go for a meal and you say something like, “I don’t know what I feel like eating, let’s go wherever you want.” Laying all the responsibility on your partner’s shoulders shows a lack of effort and respect. Especially when you gain some clarity about what you feel like eating and don’t bother communicating it (or are too polite to). Similarly, you can put some thought into phrasing the question by suggesting a favourite café or restaurant. “I’m hungry. Shall we go to (name of restaurant) for a meal?”

Regardless of your gender, taking the lead in your relationship is paramount. This requires knowing what you want as well as what you don’t want and clearly communicating your desires as you become aware of them. Remember that clear communication and happy relationships go hand in hand.

2. Don’t unnecessarily hide your sexual desire

When you are interacting with a partner or someone that you are attracted to, you would be well-advised to show your sexual intent directly by maintaining sexy eye contact to let them know that you are interested. If you hide your sexual desire, they will wonder, “What exactly does this person want right now? Are they attracted to me or not? Yes or no?”

With everything being so politically correct these days it can be challenging when we give and receive mixed sexual messages. Again, be clear on what you want and make an effort to give clear verbal and physical signals. Consent is answering with a kiss and saying, “Yes, I want this.” In fact, most men as well as women feel flattered when they know someone is attracted to them.

On saying that, some men are paranoid about their penis size thinking that is what a partner is most attracted to and thereby avoid sexual intimacy due to embarrassment. Unfortunately worrying about penis size can affect sexual performance regardless of whether or not size is an issue for his partner.

Honesty is the best policy here. If you have any sexual function issues make sure you seek expert advice to end the problem as most sexual function issues are simply caused by focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time — which causes unwanted accidents. This is true for both males and females and can easily be resolved with the correct knowledge and technique which I can provide.

3. Work on yourself 80% of the time to increase attraction

When you work on your business, your hobbies, health, fitness, etc., you become more desirable because you are naturally less needy and are leading an interesting life. Thus, it’s very important to build a fabulous life for yourself first and then to continue to maintain it after, so you maintain attraction and self-esteem and don’t lose yourself in only fulfilling a partner’s needs.

When it comes to your physical health and wellbeing, eat less sugar and grains and eat more organic vegetables to improve your overall health and energy levels. A diet high in refined carbohydrates can zap your energy and raise cholesterol which narrows the arteries that carry blood to your heart and other vital organs required for love-making and a happy relationship. Organic vegetables, meats and whole foods contain antioxidants that help keep your arteries open and blood flowing in all the right places.

In summary

I often see a relationship as being a game of dynamics — when you change what you do, it will often inspire another person to make changes too, to lift their own game. It’s important to both take the lead and be the leader in your life and in your relationship. Lead by example. Focusing on being the best version of yourself will quite literally set you up for life as it inspires positive change and will motivate your partner out of complacency.

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