Dating : How To Impress A Woman

h2>Dating : How To Impress A Woman

I’ll get right to the point.

Today, I’m going to talk about what your best weapon against any threat is, and how to wield it correctly.

If you’ve ever found yourself in trouble over arguing with someone or simply dealing with other people, you know it can be quite the messy affair getting to terms with said person.

They might balk or stall. Or accuse of doing something you haven’t even done at all. Misinterpret, twist and even outright lie about something that you know isn’t true.

Ooh, how I dread those moments.

Whenever I know that the person I’m dealing with really is building up resentment towards me and they don’t even dare to tell the bold, outright truth in my face.

It’s such an annoyance.

Such a pest!

I’m actually at that point where I’d like to criminalize such behaviour — simply because I don’t think it’s worthy of any human.

But, we live in a free world and my feelings or emotions don’t matter.

Only my actions.

And so it is with yours.

Fortunately, there are a couple of steps that you can take in order to shield yourself from such unwarranted behavior and possibly rid yourself of it for good.

Now, I’m saying possibly, because it certainly isn’t sure that you manage to weed out this way of demeanour that strictly belongs in the kindergarten.

Start ignoring them…


I am dead serious.

You really should simply ignore people. Ignore their answers. Don’t pay attention to them. Whatever it is that you’re doing, don’t get emotionally upset when they start heckling you with ludicrous answers.

I know, this is extremely difficult.

In the heat of the moment, when people are lashing out insults in your face, insults that aren’t even true and that can potentially damage your reputation…

Your best weapon is to shut your attention completely off.

It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

Now, you might not think that that’s much of answer.

But in reality it is.

If you just think about it.

The human brain (this is me going strictly off the tangent here) is hard wired to attract attention. We need attention. We need people to either verify or disprove what it is that we’re saying.

It’s like then you’re dancing. It takes two to tango. It’s a two-way street. If you don’t care so much for attention or for what other people are saying, then the best way to stop getting replies is to deliver a monologue.

Where you’re speaking all the time.

Where you’re the only one who matters.

Other people don’t get to have their say. And why would they? You’re not even listening to them anyway. You’re just preaching your thing without even attempting to care what other people believe or mean.

Disarming the fruit

Living like this…

It’s much like a one-sided relationship.

Where, often, the woman gets to have her say no matter what and the husband reluctantly follows along.

You know the story. The woman oftentimes withholds access to the most precious spot of her entire body in exchange for gifts, services and an overall lavish lifestyle, all purchased by a man.

It’s a never ending thing that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, I predict it will only increase.

As men are getting more and more insecure and are finding it harder and harder to get ahead in life — for a lot of reasons, the ultimate goal for many is having unlimited access to a woman’s vagina.

Actually, make that women’s vaginas.

But it’s seriously difficult.

Because the women of our age are so spoiled. They’re so used to getting everything they’re pointing on, it’s not even fun to them.

Even decamillionaires turning up in Lambos don’t impress them that much….

Now, I said ‘that much’ because it’s still an unusual thing, but…

A lot of these rich men are just insecure little brats.

They have a lot of money, and they’re not afraid to flaunt their riches. It’s all about impressing other men.

Impressing other men…

How daft.

Why not rather impress women with your attention.

Show that it has value.

Show her that you’re not necessarily going to budge over her erratic behaviour. You are your own mental point of origin, and your attention actually has value.

It’s a lot like money.

Money has value — and when it’s scarce, what’s the most efficient way to increase its value?

Is it to pour a lot of it into the marketplace, hoping that it will appreciate a little? Like the central banks are doing all the time?

Or is it to simply withdraw it and hold it for a while — until people start getting desperate for money?

You already know the answer yourself.

It’s much like with the women like it is with the money.

And, there’s a unique way to apply what you’re being taught in Andrew Tate’s PHD Course, to get virtually unlimited amounts of girls liking you…

…and unlimited amounts of money following you.

All because you know how to use your attention correctly.

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