POF : Should I bail and find something else?

POF : Should I bail and find something else?

I’ve known about POF for about two years now and last year I tried it. I got on the website and majority of matches/messages are just from bots now that just send a website back when they do respond. It’s getting genuinely depressing now to continue to use the website and only have a few matches with all of them being bots.

But the bots aren’t the worst part – the cam girls are. They talk to you for a while and genuinely seem interested in meeting up only to drop the bomb of « Oh btw I’ve actually been doing this really cool thing for a while now, can you help by signing up? I’ll even give a free pass ». I’ve had this happen a good 10 times or so in the last 4 weeks.

Is there any advice on how to reduce the amount of spam I get?

By. NotMyKoDa

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