Dating : How to Move on from a Failed Relationship

h2>Dating : How to Move on from a Failed Relationship

How to Move on from a Failed Relationship

Three months later, I am still hurting from losing my best friend. Three years later, I am still hurting from losing my ex-fiancé. You could say, I have not moved on, but on the contrary, moving on does not really mean that reflections of your past life with people you deeply cared about does not hurt.

Love hurts. It does not matter whether you moved on or not. Love is about the connection you had with a person. It is about choosing a person over and over despite heartaches. Sometimes, sticking on a dead-end attachment is like riding on a dead horse.

What I found about love,

To love someone is to let them go. Most of you believe the contrary.

When I decided to let go of my first love, we had been together for four years. I lived with him for two years. Over time, I started discovering myself and the things I wanted out of life (this must tell you we were young lovebirds). My philosophies changed, some of my beliefs changed. Unfortunately, the very things about me that changed are the things my lover loved me for. After a two-hour discussion, we decided a break up was the best option for us.

By no means does my break up equate to falling out of love. My path was changing, and I was not what he craved for anymore; I understood that. Our journey into a fulfilled relationship meant letting each of us live to their fullest capacity their way.

The decision opened me up to a different world, a distinct reality that I may never have discovered; a new world that I love.

Though sometimes…,

I wish there was another way, that maybe one day we would reunite. Would we have been happy? Truth is, I do not know, what I know is, my current state awes me every moment. Anyway, he got married a year ago. I must admit I was sad at first, but eventually, I became happy for him. How did I do that? By digging deeper into the reasons behind our detachment.

Life is a choice, happiness is a choice, but the decisions we make affect our capacity to love and be happy.

Unlike my first break-up initiated by my ex, I instituted the separation with my best friend. This was the hardest and most heartbreaking decision in my life. I spent two months guilty, angry, sad, lonely, and depressed.

What sucks the most is the incapacity vivid description of what really happened. I simply followed my instincts and acted upon the consistent feeling that something was wrong even though I could not point it out. Or maybe I knew exactly what I wanted out of life.

You have to know what you want out of life to comprehend what must go and what must remain.

Human intuition is an ever-right strong premonition. Let it guide your decisions, even when nothing makes sense.

What I now appreciate about love,

As long as you truly loved someone, you will always love them. However, you must not shun away from tough calls that will transform your life and that of your partner for good.

Importantly, let not the negatively inflicting thoughts questioning your actions take you back to the road you so craved to evade.

There is no more a natural way of breaking a relationship but by breaking it. Moving on is a journey, it’s like cutting a baobab tree, as long as you appreciate your little the efforts, you learn to live without the people you have released.

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