Dating : How To Plan the Perfect First Date

h2>Dating : How To Plan the Perfect First Date

First things first, let me try to convince you why you need a “perfect” first date.

By perfect, I don’t mean flawless or better than any other date. I mean “perfect” for you, “perfect” for getting to know someone, and “perfect” for building attraction.

All rooted in rock-solid science (like my theoretical abs).

My version of a perfect first date is a “master” date. It’s a date that you plan thoughtfully based on evidence-based principles. It’s a date that you structure for repetition.

In other words, it’s a “blueprint” date.

If that sounds strange, just remember that most people already have a “master date” that mirrors my failed highschool approach — dinner and a movie.

Think of my system as a replacement for boring first dates.

Perfect first dates don’t follow cookie-cutter rules, but they do leverage science. Every person’s perfect first date will look different.

My old “let it happen naturally » approach attracted nice girls who didn’t click with my personality, quick-temperated crazy people, sloppy drunkards, borderline catfishers, and women who I can only describe as suspiciously serial-killer-esque.

I’ve made all of the usual dating mistakes — and more. My new first date plan quickly disqualified dates that didn’t match my goals, saved me oodles of time and money, and resulted in me finding my soul mate.

Imagine what it could do for you. If you want to dramatically improve your dates and optimize your love life, follow the science.

What do you think?

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