Dating : I couldn’t wait to leave work.

h2>Dating : I couldn’t wait to leave work.

I was barely in my driver’s seat when I took my soaked panties off from under my skirt. I sat in the office parking lot with my fingers massaging my clit in the pool of my juices that had already formed. I had been turned on all afternoon and couldn’t help but lightly stroke my swollen lips through my clothes when no one was around.

I kept checking the clock. Every 20 minutes.

I knew I could go to the bathroom and get myself off as quickly as possible, but I had already done that twice this week. I wanted to enjoy the growing sensation this time, but I couldn’t go all the way while still on work grounds. I waited until the air conditioning kicked on before I put my car in gear.

I clawed at my blouse to get the top buttons undone as I peeled out of the lot. I knew truck drivers could look down at me but I didn’t care. I reached my hand into my bra to caress my hard nipple and gave it a tweak. They were craving attention so I did the same to the other breast but held it longer.

I pulled my car into the nearly abandoned strip mall parking nearby; it wasn’t safe for me to drive anymore. I threw my leg up on the dash and lifted my skirt up all the way, I didn’t care if anyone could see. I had to get myself off, terribly, but I wanted to control how long I could hold the most intense pleasure. And I wanted to do it two or three times.

I sunk my fingers deep into my dripping pussy, enjoying the sound of pure moisture that I created just thinking about wanting to finish myself off. No one can make me cum like I can. I pulled back and rubbed my clit in small circles, rising closer quickly. I was splashing in my wetness as I stared directly at my pulsating pearl, my creases turning pink and swelling. My opening glistened as it widened, craving for a hard cock to plunge in. I peaked but slowed my movements to the minimal needed to maintain the incredible lightening rippling through me, allowing it to fall to the edge and bringing it back again. I finally collapsed into my seat, arm sore and leg twitching. My pussy begged for more but I needed to wait.

The sweat pooled between my breasts, running down and waking me from my trance. My G-spot was sensitive but ready for another amazing orgasm. I gripped it with my fingertips and slowly started the circles again. It might be too soon to try again, but I would go slowly at first. It didn’t take much. The second thunder cloud ripped right through me within seconds of twirling again. I lurched forward and my pussy tightened, I groaned loudly and clenched. “Hold on to it! » I reminded myself as the pleasure gripped every inch of me. My toes curled. I took all my juices and softly rubbed my round, fat lips, gauging them to see if they were ready for a third one. My wrist was sore, but I could do one last crippling peak.

I’d only been at it a few minutes but I was near exhaustion from the mountain my body climbed so quickly. I flinched because I was too sensitive yet, but I wanted it again so badly. If I could hold onto the peak once more, I might last until bedtime. I grabbed my nipple and pinched it hard, taking the sensation from my engorged pussy. I slid two fingers inside my cave and could not believe the warmth and flood of fluid. I pulled out for a taste and licked my hand clean. One. More. Time.

I was sore around my lips from the pressure of the last two, but the pain actually added to it. I pushed harder against myself, spinning my folds around themselves, almost screaming in pain in the best way. I watched myself open and close as both my feet were now on my driver’s seat, glistening holes, begging to be fucked.

I peaked again, and as I rose I yelled out and kept slowly swirling my bean but the most intense sensation was subsiding. My entire body twitched. I fell back into my seat again, completely drained of everything. My legs fell to the floor but I was able to clench my kegels softly to try and keep my orgasm going, but it slowly faded.

I love that I can take three minutes and do that to myself. I perked up and cranked the A/C all the way up. I put the car in reverse and backed out of my spot and turned the radio on. I drove home with a smile on my face, and slipped my panties back on at a stop light.

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