Dating : Crush broke with BF, but can’t understand her

Dating : Crush broke with BF, but can’t understand her


So **I (M25)** have a huge crush on a **her (F23)** and the situation is the following.

So for the last 2 weeks she has been somewhat colder on messages, and i though something has happened so i asked her, but well she didn’t reply so i didn’t ask further, well last week we had an awesome friday just the two of us being out of town talking and stuff, nothing much just friendly since i knew she has a bf at that point and she didn’t seem to give give signals she doesn’t have. And well i could notice though that she got a great news and she decided to share with a guy (send tons of emojis all kinds hearts included) and got some message with a hearth ( didn’t try to read it was just a glance). But on the weekend i decided to ask if something is bothering her and she was like well i am having awesome time with you, but i can see you want a bit more which i can’t give you that. So i was like well you have a boyfriend, so i understand, and she went to the can you stop calling me cute and stuff if « he » finds out, he will feel bad and i don’t wanna hide.


Well sure alright 2 days after i asked her to see each other in person so we can talk she was alright let’s do it. We saw each other had some talk to get the convo going and then she was like i quit with my BF 2 weeks ago (she did the quit) and explained me why. So i decided to ask if there is some other person she has feelings for/is seeing to which she told me she wants to be alone for some time without a relantionship. I decided not to ask like « Are you seeing X person », but i am still confused, as she wants us to see each other in person has a great time, laughs at my jokes with her teeth showing, gets a blush now and then.


And i am not sure what to do, like i wanna give her space don’t wanna be the guy who is like i’ll ask you out straight away even though you are barely out of your relantionship, but i don’t really wanna lose her to some other dude just like that.


So i need some advice like should i just shoot straight away (in person not in message) and be like be real with me is there something between you and person X or like do you have feelings for me/do you think something can happen between us, or like give her space and just let it go.


Edit: Yeah i meant teeth … Brain doesn’t function well

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  1. This girl just wants to be alone for a while, you’re wasting your time, just go for other girls. If she wants the D she’ll hit you up one night, but I doubt it.

  2. She “laughed at your jokes with her teets showing?” If she’s pulling up her shirt to accentuate how much she likes your jokes, I think she’s into you.
    Seriously, be the best friend to her you can, she will give you signals if she really likes you enough to try being a couple. But don’t let her take you for granted either as a friend.

  3. > she told me she wants to be alone for some time without a relationship.

    She means with YOU.

    I gotta meet the girl that shows her ‘teets’ when she laughs though.

  4. If you don’t want to lose her then you have to be honest with her. You don’t necessarily have to get together immediately just let your intentions be known which it seems she already has an idea. « I want us to go out and I understand if you’re not ready yet. If that is something you don’t want in the future let me know and I’ll keep things platonic. If it is then let’s just keep spending time together and see what happens and until you’re ready to talk about us we’ll talk about us. »

    You need to have an honest conversation with her. If she says she needs to be single then that means she doesn’t want to be with you because of reasons. Doesn’t matter what the reasons are. You need to respect her decision and her desires. If that is something you can’t do then you’re going to need to put some space between the two of you.

    Best to have that conversation now instead of later when you’re more attached to her.

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