Dating : I saw a demon (Horror story)

h2>Dating : I saw a demon (Horror story)

Ronlad Collins
Demon horror story

Summer was here!
Those were my thoughts as I walked down home from school. I never, never liked school, even if I was a fairly good student. The over-pestering peers, the way everyone expected me to be as open as everyone else and the bullies were the main cause. But I had gotten through another year, and that is all that I wanted to see. The start of the Summer break so I can one day, go back to my aunt, a wonderful woman who lived in a small village surrounded by the forest.
All night, I was thinking how I was going to have fun, packing my bag with everything that I could possibly need. But eventually I had to go to sleep, as it was a very long trip, and my bus left at 8 AM in the morning. In truth, it only took 5 hours to get there once I stepped in the Bus, but for me it was a long trip.
As I got down, my aunt was waiting for me, and I greeted her with the biggest hug that I could ever imagine giving her. I was so happy to see her again, to be with her, and she was as happy to see me. We walked down till her small house in the village, chatting about how our life was. I always enjoyed coming here, Aunt’s home had just that warmth to it that no other house had. It was small and sweet, a simple 2 story house with 3 bedrooms, not too large, not too small. The walls were purely white, but from the inside each and every single room had all manners of colors. She truly loved colors, just like I did.
It was also festival time in the village, to celebrate how some old knight of the village got rid of bandits. My aunt had put fairy lights all along her roof, enlightening the entire surroundings. The festival was fun, with small arcade games and nice food-stalls, but I was here not only to have fun, but to relax. Yet, I should have remembered to eat more during the festival than a simple corn-dog, as I found myself waking up in the night, hungry.
As I walked down in the kitchen, Aunt always had some snacks handy in case, I heard a scream. At first, I thought it was something important, but I knew that kids in the village had a strange sense of humour. So I ignored it, and just went back to sleep.
2 days later, the same thing happened again, and this time I could easily hear the cries.
“NO! HELP! PLEASE! STOP!” I could hear the cries of a young girl, echoing in the hollow, empty forest. My heart started to beat faster as without thinking, I ran through the back-door, and into the forest. I didn’t even have a flashlight, as I was filled with anticipation. Someone needed help, and I could help out. What I saw….. was nothing what I expected.
There was a creature, standing in the darkness of the forest. All shadows were surrounding it, like a cloak of darkness. 2 red eyes gleamed from the shadows, a face of pure terror forming inside, that of an eternally screaming being with horns and very sharp teeth. Skeletal wings spouted out from behind the creature, with a pointy tail, and a strange pitchfork in it’s hand. The red eyes looked at me, and the creature growled, the sound like 2 crashing thunderclouds. It was then I realized that I had stopped breathing.
I ran back to my aunt’s home, feeling as if death itself was behind me and judging by the cackling laughter, it maybe was. I slammed my room’s door shut, slumping on the ground.
The next day, I had to lie to my aunt for the first time. I made an excuse of remembering about a project, and my aunt understood. I left the village, never looking back, and only when I was back home in the city did I realise I had seen a demon.
I was back home, but the demon that I had seen was a sight I never was going to forget. How was I going to look at my aunt again?

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