Dating : I Think Love Is A Beautiful Lie

h2>Dating : I Think Love Is A Beautiful Lie

Save your self

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You know, I so much want to believe there’s a prince charming out there for me . The kind of one that will heal my wounds and cover my cracks with a kiss.

You know, the prince charming that kills a whole nation just to save me. The kind that goes through blood, sweat and tears just to have me or make me happy.

But as time went on, I realized I wanted the kind of love I read in novels. Fairy tales.
No one ever told me, those things are not real.

First they say they love you, and will die for you. Then they bring your body close and make you feel warm.

They give you that tender kiss you’ve always dreamt of. Very gentle they are.
You want attention, they are always there. They call you every day and make sure you smile as they do.

Next, you are all laid down on the bed, cushion, kitchen counter , back seat of a car or wherever doing the romantic scenes.

They buy you flowers and chocolates. Post you on social media and introduce you to their friends as their main girl.

You are all over the place, emotions spreading every where.

You know you just met the one. All you can think about is them. You can’t breathe, think or do anything without them. They crept through your system and have now infiltrated it.

You belong to them. They’ve won. Your heart, body and soul, you don’t mind placing them on the altar for them. You find yourself doing everything to please and make them happy.

They have dug into your soul. Your body no longer has restrictions to them.

Then you wake up one morning and they’ve had enough. Enough of your body, your love and whatever it is you were offering them.

You realize all along, they got what they wanted and that was your soul. Before your senses loosen to make out what just happened , they are out the door. Gone for good.

No good bye, no note, no reason, they are just gone.

Love is a vicious game mixed with a lie and wrapped up in deception. Only the strong and experienced are due to play.

It can leave you shattered , destroyed and confused. But no matter what, never let it make you bitter.

In the midst of your hurt and pain, gather your broken pieces and move on. Life goes on. There’s no prince charming coming to mend you.

Cinderella was a lie , a beautiful Lie. Be your own Prince. Save your self.

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