Dating : I’ll Slip Away

h2>Dating : I’ll Slip Away

For those days in which you keep listening to quieting soul songs that at the same time fill your heart with melancholy and sometimes your eyes with tears, I’m here.

I am here because I’ve been here so many times this year but this time, first that I decide to write something about it this way, is different. As I’m trying to correct things in my life that have me swimming in a sea of guilt and desperation, I’m also trying to grasp the last that I can to make things right… I so much want to like never before; even if I didn’t even do anything wrong … you know how the mind can be.

I am trapped in the middle of love: loving a guy that is not ready for new love because of things he’s been through. He is trapped in his past love. I am trapped in the middle, wishing I could give him happiness or more important: peace of mind. I know I can’t but I care for him so much that I wish I could.

Many complicated series of events have happened that now have me feeling like I have heavy enormous rocks on top of my heart, almost crushing it until it can’t see the light of day. All of this feelings and sensations just have me trying to slip away.

No, not exactly in the tragic way many may think. In the way the wise composer and musician Sixto Rodríguez talks about in the song he titles: I’ll slip away. He talks about freedom. Freeing your soul from others and from sinking thoughts. Having another chance and taking it, a chance of being happy maybe, following your happiness and doing it right.

By sliping away he means getting away from what hurts and forgiving yourself to move on. Because even when feeling trapped, or about to sink, if what you feel comes from true love and care why not have another chance to share it?

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