Dating : In the night, the most important thing is to keep moving

h2>Dating : In the night, the most important thing is to keep moving

…even when you don’t see where you’re going

Francesca Dallaglio

It’s night. It’s cold. You’re in the deep of a forest. You’re wearing a light sweater, and feel the crispy air on your arms, giving you chills.

You don’t know how you arrived there, you just found yourself there and you can barely see, hear or feel anything around you, other than cold, darkness, and the thickness of the forest.

But, you know you need to reach someplace. Someplace ahead of you.

That’s the only thing you know.

Photo by Michael L on Unsplash

So, what do you do? You start moving.

Even if you’re not well equipped, even if you can barely see where you’re going, you venture into the trees, into the cold, scary night, to try and reach that safe place you know exist at the end of the woods.

Because there isn’t anything else you can do, because staying still where you are means exposing yourself to even more dangers.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to start moving, and keep moving.

Keep going ahead, no matter what.

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