Dating : Is Success really NOT for everyone?

h2>Dating : Is Success really NOT for everyone?

Each individual wants to be successful in life but unfortunately very few manages to achieve what they aspire for in their lifetime.Somehow this is in coherence with Charles Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” principle.Only the strongest,fittest and the best can sit on the throne.This is how nature works.

But it does not mean that individual should stop aspiring for success. I have two stories to tell here.

Story of Japanese melon

Japanese melons are considered the tastiest and the most expensive breed out of all the melons.Most expensive Japanese melon of 2019 is sold for US$ 45000.

What makes Japanese melon so different from regular melons in supermarket?

Melons have cultural significance in Japan. They are usually gifted to one’s family and friends and people are ready to pay big sum of money for the perfect gift.This has made growing melon an art rather than farming.Best quality of seeds are carefully chosen and planted.Right from the day 1 melon growers need to take care of the plants by maintaining appropriate water supply and temperature to boost the growth of the fruits.Harvesting is done at the end of 90 days.Only one fruit of each plant qualifies to be displayed and auctioned or sold in one of the high end melon stores across Japan.Rest of the melons are cut and their seeds are collected for next plantation.

What is my take away from this?

Melon fruits which did not get selected for the current round were not really bad. In fact they will be getting opportunity to become successful during next round of plantation. Similarly success comes at different times for different individuals.Only thing that is left to us is keep trying.

Chinese Olympics factory

Whole world is stunned by China’s emergence as an economic superpower.But what is more fascinating is their success at global sporting events especially at Olympics.

Kids from all across China are enrolled in the national Olympics training center by their parents at a very young age. Children are trained very rigorously for many years before they are ready for competitions at global level. Again very few who are the best among the all those who have joined the academy gets a chance to represent China at global level.

But unlike melons in the previous story those who are not selected finds themselves in a precarious situation.All those years they have spent training hard at some sports suddenly becomes useless.They are not able to find the proper jobs due to lack of sufficient academic knowledge.And they are branded as “Unsuccessful” by the society.

So the conclusion is same as what is mentioned in great “Bhagwad Gita”. Do not worry about end result(Success or Failure), keep giving your best like Japanese melons and Chinese athletes.Opportunities will come to you but always have a backup plan just in case they don’t.

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