Dating : Is What They Say About Sugarbabies True?

h2>Dating : Is What They Say About Sugarbabies True?


9 Top Myths Dispelled

Reality TV is yet again taking on the sugarbaby lifestyle.

Yesterday, Lifetime TV premiered a reality show titled Marrying Millions wherein they follow several couples of whom one partner (male or female) is filthy rich and “seeking love” outside their tax bracket.

Couples with age differences as high as 40 years who’ve been dating the amount of time it takes your temporary car tags to expire try to determine whether or not they’ve finally found the one.

Yes I know you’ve seen this movie a million times and think you’ve got it figured out but can you really count on a tv show to give an accurate depiction of a highly stigmatized yet highly desired lifestyle? Of course not.

Although we know this show is scripted for shock value to bring ratings, it’s important to get a more fact based perspective on this subject considering how much people actually believe and enjoy manufactured entertainment that’s not always representative of the people they like to judge.

Given that I have written quite a bit on this subject and live this lifestyle, here’s an excerpt from my Sugar 101 emagazine,10 Ways To Make Him Open His Wallet, to dispel some sugar myths.

author photo Sugarfuzz
author photo Sugarfuzz

Love it or hate it, this is the truth!!

Alternative lifestyles are nothing new and people will always use their privileges to have relationships that benefit them. Best to hear about it from people not chosen to perform for your pleasure or disdain.

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