Dating : It Only Means Mending My Heart

h2>Dating : It Only Means Mending My Heart

I make many decisions and many have yet to come into fruition.

You see, I’m a fickle woman. I change my mind the moment it shifts —

in other words, I lose interest.

It has more to do with you and less to do with me,

see, I am not one of those ladies that uses an excuse

to be pardoned from the party.

I am an honest woman.

I tell the truth so much so that it sounds more like a lie.

You see, I cannot lie.

The truth shows its face in my rosy cheeks, my twisted tongue, my eyes.

It almost feels like a curse because I cannot spare you from hurt.

If I believe it, it must be true, at least that part of you.

But to say I am over you is a bit of an overstatement.

You see, I am a loyal woman.

Even when my heart is broken, I am sticking to my truth

and to me, that means that I still love you.

But love is not stronger than my will to move on.

It is not stronger than the hope that is no longer.

I know I will meet another

who brings out the best in me from the very start.

So you see, in forgetting you I am able to fall in love once again.

That only means mending my heart.


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