Dating : Should I cut my losses?

Dating : Should I cut my losses?

So I’ve recently got back in touch with an old acquaintance – we saw each other in passing and reconnected via a dating app after vaguely recognising each other. We’ve chatted over text for a little while, have been on 2 dates and have rescheduled another.

But he has just cancelled the third date for the second time.

I’m getting extremely mixed signals from him – I have had to ask him out all 3 times over text, when he cancels it falls on me to rearrange. Yet in person he is so lovely and charming…he kissed me on our second date, and has made comments over text about wanting to kiss me more.

I had gotten myself so psyched up to ask him on our 3rd date about what his intentions were on Hinge (the dating app) and seeing what he wanted from us dating. I just don’t know where I stand with him and my head feels battered. It’s been over 2 weeks since I last saw him and if he reschedules the 3rd date it will most likely be another week before I see him as he’s very active and busy (which in a way I love as my ex was a lazy slob).

At what point do I just give up? Sorry for this rambling stream of nothing but I just needed somewhere to vent and my friends are sick of hearing about him.

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  1. My general suggestion is to try 3 times before moving on. So in your case, try again and then move on if he cancels again. If this happens, you can send him a « no worries, looks like your schedule is too busy at the moment. Just let me know if things change » text. This lets him know you’re moving on while keeping the option of seeing you again open if *he* puts things together.

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