Dating : It’s ok to be alone sometimes, just remember…

h2>Dating : It’s ok to be alone sometimes, just remember…

Just remember, relationships are what matter most in this life.

Chris Behnke

I see a growing trend in today’s culture. I see a generation of people that feel totally alone, with more friends than any other time in history.

The miracle of the internet has leveled the playing field. As of 2019 3.2 billion people have access to high speed internet on a daily basis. 3.2 billion, that’s more that half of every man woman and child on planet earth.

Do you know what this means? It’s now possible to have a relationship where you can hear and see and interact with 3.2 billion other human beings.

3.2 billion people… Wow that is mind boggling… If you spent 30 seconds speaking to each one for 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it would take just over 3000 years to speak to each person.


So with the ability to have relationships with that many people how is it possible for so many to feel like they have no real friends? When the average person has over 100 “friends” on facebook, how can there be so much loneliness?

In a word, inauthenticity.

Most relationships these days are based on the lack of authentic real love and communication. It’s just too darn hard for most people.

The thing is, real “authenticity” is messy, very messy.

People are messy, emotions are messy, love is messy. It just is. For all our thousands of years of cultural refinement at the end of the day two people having relationship, if authentic, will be messy.

So then, most people carefully, quietly back away from the mess.

They portray neat tidy little lives that present well on instagram, all while they stuff the truth of what they really experience on their life’s journey.

The thing is though, real love, real relationship is always found in the mess. The mess isn’t bad, it’s actually needed to cultivate real love and acceptance. Yes, yes I know it’s scary, and yes you will inevitably be hurt, but you’ll also open yourself up to the chance of real authentic love.

It’s worth it, no matter how great your fear of it is, it’s worth it.

So then I’ll ask you… How’s your authenticity doing? How’s it really doing? Can you actually be honest with yourself?

Who do you need to be “real” with this month, this week, this afternoon?

Take that first step, be vulnerable and you just might find yourself experiencing true relationship.

Suit Up

~Chris Behnke

Inspiration for this “micro post” from the instagram post from instagram account: @chrisbehnke

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