Dating : Just a Puddle

h2>Dating : Just a Puddle

I’m not the One

Daniel Monteiro / Unsplash

Pick a poison —
take a few sips.
Acquire a crayon
to color these lips.
Don a dress
like a second skin
to demonstrate
the prize within.

The world’s a stage, Will said —
the people players;
it takes a lifetime
to peel their layers.

For tonight —
just choose a few:
the dress, the dignity,
these fucking shoes.
When our heads swim
our bodies will follow,
seeking spit and slime
in which to wallow.

We’ll splash and play —
and smear our colors;
make a masterpiece
of two faux lovers…

I’m not the One,
I think you should know.
Just a puddle:
wet tonight — gone tomorrow.

What do you think?

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