Dating : L’appel du vide

h2>Dating : L’appel du vide

At the top of the staircase was a platform with a single railing stretched across the edge of the tiled floor. I couldn’t tell whether it was an observation deck or a balcony, because neither really fit the scene.

We walked to the edge and I saw small waves hitting the rocks below us. Who would think to set up a railing at the edge of a cliff, staircase and all.

“L’appel du vide,” she whispered, staring at the endless ocean that trudged on, wave to wave in front of us.

“What does that mean?”

“Call of the void. French. It’s the feeling of wanting to step off the edge of a cliff. The urge to fall.” As she spoke, she didn’t blink. Her eyes didn’t change direction. She simply stared. Far and deep, as if searching for an end to the ocean.

“What are you thinking?” I was growing worried because she was silent. Why did I feel like I knew her so well when I knew nothing at all?

She didn’t answer. She kept staring.

Suddenly, she turned to me and took both of my hands in her own.

“Let’s fall.” Her eyes lit up in excitement and once again, an inescapable mischief.

“What? Fall?” I peered over the rail and Jesus, she was going crazy.

“Yes, fall. Let’s fall and see where it leads us.”

“Are you joking? It’s gonna lead us straight to our deaths if we fall from here.”

“No you idiot, I mean let’s fall together.” She inched closer as she spoke. God I was already falling. Hard and fast.

As I fell, a million thoughts rushed through my head because I was finally understanding what she meant.

“Fall… together?”

Three inches from my lips. I glanced at hers. They were glowing in the night sky, sparkling, covered in stardust and lip gloss.

She was Aphrodite incarnate, and I was the lucky bastard on my knees, waiting for her command.

“Yes, fall together. In love.” Her lips were warm, moist. Coco butter chap-stick ran through my veins and god, did I fall hard.

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