Dating : Why fight for someone who is completely against you

Dating : Why fight for someone who is completely against you

People do it anyways. I did it and it cost my emotional health, trust, and time.

When someone wants you it won’t be so hard. You won’t have to keep trying to convince them “hey wouldn’t we be great?” Or “Isn’t this special to you?”. They will know.

Someone who wants you won’t make seem like there’s just this complicated reason why you two can’t work it out or date. They’ll make it seem like some nuanced situation, or you will in your head, so that they don’t have to commit. They have their reasons but don’t go crazy trying to figure it out because the important one is that they don’t want you.

They don’t think you deserve respect, love, or comprise. They don’t care about the damage they’ve caused in your soul because they awakened something in you that they really had no intention of tending to. All they think you deserve is bread crumbs and nothing of real substance.

I looked at pictures from a trip we took together and it was weird seeing him sitting on the couch playing guitar in our air bnb. Did it really happen? It hurts and I miss him. He hasn’t bothered to try and reach out like I have. I always wanted to make it work but he was against me and not with me. I wouldn’t dream of hurting him but I was always disregarded. Everything between us I’m sure was in my imagination.

I’m really burnt out and I hope one day I’ll find someone who won’t get defensive instead opening up. I hope we all do and we need to realize when something’s dead.

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  1. I mean you teach people how to treat you. The hard part is walking away when someone’s lying to you – they pretend to be this great person then drift away; you might start to chase; some do this for fun. It’s heartwrenching to find someone you really connect with only to find out they’re not really real/the whole thing was pretend. For whatever reason, this person is mistreating you, and even though at times they are great, the fact they can turn on you in 0.2 seconds is a big, big, big red flag! Nothing good comes from chasing the dragon; dragons aren’t real, they’re just fantasies and lies.

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