Dating : Lit Up Reforms — Must Read!

h2>Dating : Lit Up Reforms — Must Read!

Lit Up asks for your support

As you all know, just like Santa’s busy elves, we have been working non-stop, and we are doing our best to keep this extraordinary community happy and inspired. The last couple of years have been a huge commitment to readers and writers in terms of time and expertise extended and, like many other Medium publications, we’ve realised we can’t keep to those levels without some support, and so we’d like to introduce you to our Patreon page.

Supporting the publication allows us to focus on contests and anthologies, editing, and the support of artists for covers, run workshops and promote our writers’ works through interviews and reviews, promotions across social media platforms and through Lit Up.

Please visit and donate if you can, and see what even the smallest help offered can give you in return.

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Some of our news and future plans:

Lit Up has a new official image to adorn our banners!

Do you all love it as much as we do? This splendid image has the signature of the magnificent Kaori Nagata, and we adore it! There is nothing we love more than to collaborate with artists like Kaori and to present to you such beautiful results.

Feel free to follow Kaori on Instagram and to support her work, she truly is one of my favourite artists to date!


Lit Up Audio

Lit Up is planning to offer audio recordings for selected tales every week! 
We are still in the process of making this happen so please stay tuned for the next newsletter!

If you have previous experience in doing readings or would like to do the reading for some of the Lit Up’s selections, please send us a sample at

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Opening New Writer Requests

The form is now open and available to receive your wonderful submissions!
We can’t wait!

Lit Up’s Submission Form

Lit Up Poetry Workshops

I am personally taking care of a new literary treat: Poetry workshops!
If you are interested in participating please respond under this post!

(Workshops for prose are in our future plans as well if we manage to get enough participation and support)

Blog Posts on Writing

Lit Up will offer writing guidance through blogs and videos!

Reviews and Essays on Literature!

Lit Up will offer reviews on books published by Lit Up writers and Patreon supporters, and essays on writing. Stay tuned, more info coming soon!


Author, publisher, and agent interviews coming soon on Lit Up!

Social Media

Social Media Accounts

Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our brand-new Instagram account! We will be promoting your work there!

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Don’t hesitate to tag us when you share your Lit Up-published tales so we can repost, retweet, and share!

On Instagram, we will be sharing selected quotes from your wonderful tales!

On YouTube, we will be posting readings and some of the workshops! Please subscribe to our channel 🙂

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And last but not least, even though we have delayed horribly the launch of our official magazine, we hope that, with your support, we will be ready to fly this summer!

Note: we have also decided that submissions to our official magazine will be free as well after all! Goodies, goodies, literary treats — I’m so excited (yes, again!)

Now, I know this may sound like an exaggeration and that you’ll think that every editor on earth would have said the same thing but hear me out: the following stories ARE NOT TO BE MISSED! To prove you I’m not exaggerating, I’ve provided the links below — decide for yourself. I’m certain, you won’t want to stop reading!

Also, tell us about your favourite reads by responding to our newsletters. The tales you loved will be considered for audio recordings! Give our writers a chance, you won’t regret it! 🙂 🙂


Stephen M. Tomic — In the Morning of the Night
Dale E. Lehman — Not Quite a Ghost Story
Darby Hudson — Building a World with Words
Michael Stang — All Men in the Attic
Stephen M. Tomic — Ballad of the Dawn
Stephen Miller — Peanut
Mateen Manek — Looking Through the Looking Glass
E.D. Martin — Noah’s RV
Tammy Patton — Forever Child
Steve B Howard — Jackey’s Mafia Pizza

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