Dating : Love

h2>Dating : Love

Mark Theodore Lee.

That boy sat hugging his knees close. Tears were almost decorating his face but he tried his best to hold them in. He bit his lower lip to prevent more noises coming out of his mouth. Terrified. That was probably the best word to describe what he felt at the moment. He was now hiding inside a wardrobe, behind a dress so his small posture was completely concealed. He was trying so hard not to sob and it was quite difficult because most parts of his body ached so badly. A sound of glass or plate breaking could be heard from outside and his eyes were shut automatically at the sound that tore his heart, too. Now that sound was replaced by the sound of his mother screaming, practically begging for his father to stop. The boy shivered. He had wanted to help his mother but he was told to hide instead. Everything broke his little heart.

“This is not love,” he had said once, before a slap so painful landed on his cheek. He brought his palm to cover his freshly-slapped cheek automatically. It was so painful that he had tears rolling down his cheeks without him intended to.

“You are just a kid. What do you know about love?” His father spat.

His other hand made a fist unknowingly, “I just do. Love is supposed to make people happy. Mom is crying. I am crying. You don’t love us both. You just need something… something, or someone to be your punching sack.”

He could see the flame of rage in his father’s eyes, but he did not utter any word. Instead, he walked out of the house.

That was also the day his mother stared into his pair of ocean-blue eyes. A faint smile was visible on her small yet decorated with small scars face. She caressed his cheeks gently, “Your father loves us, son. He was not always like this, remember? Horrible things change people. They also changed your father. Don’t hate him, okay? We’re gonna get through this together.”

So he stayed in the wardrobe. Because he was trying not to hate his father for what he had done to him, for what he was doing to his mother right now.

Because he loved his father.

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