POF : So I sent a message I regretted instantly.

POF : So I sent a message I regretted instantly.

And I hope she doesn’t get the message, so I immediately blocked the user and deleted my account, is she still going to be able to read the message?

By. Hellowelloznzh

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  1. I have been blocked before. I have also blocked people so I have seen it from both sides. When someone blocks you, you no longer see your messages in the conversation. When you block someone, you no longer see their messages.

    She would have to seek you out to find the message again because your conversation thread would delete from her inbox. She’d have to find your profile and then click on the messages. But since you also deleted your account on top of blocking her, you will be fine.

    Although I have seen people who deleted their accounts but the conversation stays in my inbox but their pic has been deleted and their name is now Deleted User. So just deleting your account won’t do it.

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