Dating : Love is in the AI

h2>Dating : Love is in the AI

Harsha Angeri

R is not missing.

Have to impress her. She likes music and I like music. We have dedicated music listening sessions. Shall I play her some songs?

Nah. Same old sources. Same old recommendation engines. Their algorithms are at minima… they churn more of the same.

Life is a journey. As it is said, behind every favorite song, there is an untold story. Can I take her on a journey of music? A journey of memories? Is there any app where you can set a journey.

“Behind every favorite song, there is an untold story.”

Nah, it is unilateral… it plays, you listen. I want a journey; where we both can choose a start point and a destination in music space. It is like navigating in google maps but in music space.

I want to take her places. Her likes, my likes, a mix. Want to give her messages. Lyrics matter. Not just the sound. We can sit and listen to the meaning.

Oh, can convert lyrics of a song into a vector. Just like humans understand every word’s meaning is based on what it is surrounded by. Let me throw some AI algorithms/ models into the music soup and stir to extract this in the form of vectors. Are there different groups of songs based on lyrics?

There is… and let me get 5.

Seems to work. Each dot is a song. Decent grouping to separate songs by lyrics. Not distinct boundaries. Oh ya of-course… overlaps exist cause music transcends boundaries. It is actually good.

Now can we navigate from one dot/ song to another? For this, I need to find the distance between 2 songs so that I can navigate by the shortest distance between a start and end points. Each song is a vector so the distance between two songs basis lyrics can be found. The below shows an amazing picture of songs connected to each other via distances.

Not very readable when plotted in a small diagram. Each node in the diagram is a song and each edge gives the semantic distance between songs.

This is our music space. Our private music space. It has 10s of 1000s of songs and I can navigate through it. Since it is a journey let me start her with a UB40 song “The Train Is Coming” and take her to the vintage classic era with Bill Crosby’s “Small Fry”. The ‘AI+Code’ engine navigates and takes us through the following playlist.

The red line indicates the journey and it passes 4 nodes that can be seen below.

Next, we traversed from her favorite to mine and realized it is such a short distance. We felt close.

We traveled through multiple journeys in the music space. A couple of ‘journey playlists’ are shown below.

Music is a vector. Increasingly, Life is a vector.

She said… if everything is a vector, next take me through a learning journey, a shopping journey, a movie journey through the vector space.

Back to the future. Back to coding

P.S: If you are in love and want a journey playlist just leave me a message. In return, I want an original love quote.

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