POF : what the hell, so many bots

POF : what the hell, so many bots

someone should sue POF and match for allowing this to go on. at this point they are facilitating a platform for people to scam other people. thats gotta be lawsuit worthy…


all you have to do is create some kind of filter and then take the most popular words in the bot responses and boom youve identified all the bots.


OR block an entire country from using the website. ive tracked 3 of these scammers now to LAGOS, Nigeria. 3!!! im not even a computer guy and it was that easy to track them to nigeria… just block all connections and connections via proxy and boom youre done.

By. tradal

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  1. I said this in other posts on here that Markus sold his company to Match so Markus no longer owns POF. He sold back in 2015 or 16 and it has had bots ever since. Guys get them a lot more than us girls do. When I get them they are people pretending to be in the military

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