Dating : Love Letters ❤

h2>Dating : Love Letters ❤

Laura Tynan

I received an interesting letter this week from a dear friend I have not spoken with in months.

She wrote to share her dreams, hopes and ambitions for me. It was beautifully touching and intensely thought provoking.

It was a letter from my past self.

The beginning of it all

7 months ago I attended Date with Destiny — an intensive personal development seminar with legendary coach, Tony Robbins. On 10 Dec, as the event came to a close, I put down in words all the hopes and desires I held for myself over the coming months. I had made some big decisions to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges. “How did it all work out?” I wondered.


It is a beautiful thing to reflect with the benefit of hindsight.

At the time my ambitions were filled with such uncertainty. One such ambition was to host a large event in front of a live audience. I was to interview a panel of senior business leaders and discuss a topic very dear to my heart, gender diversity and why it is an imperative in business.

Making the decision to step up and take on that challenge was frightening. I had never done something like this before. However, once I made my decision, I was committed.

Embracing Fear

Those demons in my mind crept in many times to challenge me, push me off centre, try to fill me with self doubt. I listened, but nevertheless, I moved forward.

The event was a massive success.

It is easy to downplay this success after the fact, with the knowledge that it all worked out. This letter reminded me of that woman, filled with such uncertainly and self doubt. I gained a new appreciation for the challenge I had overcome.

Share the love
My suggestion to you is write a love letter to yourself. What challenges are you currently facing, what dreams are you pursuing, what wishes do you have for yourself? Write it down.

In 6 months from now, take the time to read this and reflect back on all the obstacles you have overcome, how much you have grown. Give yourself the permission to celebrate your successes. Be proud of your journey, with all it’s up and downs. For it has made you into this beautiful being that you are.

Love always,

L xx

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