Dating : Love -the invisible bonding

h2>Dating : Love -the invisible bonding


Love is the most sophisticated word and the most complicated one. The complex algorithm being created by the Divine Universe(you can call by any name).

Its a mixture of many entities like Emotions, Beliefs, Behaviors, strong feelings towards someone, Infatuations,

Protectiveness, Warmth, Respecting, Honoring, Attachments, Affections, and many more.
Different people have different Definitions.

On a philosophical basis, there are many meanings related to it.


A recent study shows that love is a “tender feeling of affection and attraction toward a person or thing arising

from a sense of togetherness.”

There is a leading anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, world-renowned on the topic of Love(a very famous book written by her “Anatomy of Love“). You can explore love by reading this book as this book is having worldwide best reviews. Her research on lust, love, attraction, and attachment,gathered data on more than 70,000 people to explain why you love whom you love,

and collected information on more than 20,000 men and women on sex, hook up friends with benefits, and

other current trends in courtship and marriage. And she presents a new, scientifically based, and optimistic perspective on relationships in our digital age — what she calls “slow love.”


Dr.Helen Fisher states that there are numerous chemicals in the brain that are responsible for different

emotions in human beings ranging from Bonding to Bliss, lust to love, and attraction to the attachment.

As per scientists, people relate their partnership based on Lust, Attraction, and Attachment.


When you are in love with a person or attracted to someone, your heart racing up, sweaty palms, tone of voice changed,

and flushed skin.

It is due to the release of “Dopamine, Norepinepherine, and phenylethylamine”. Dopamine =pleasure chemical(produces feeling bliss). Norepinepherine = similar to adrenaline( produces heart racing and excitement).

These chemicals produce elation, intense energy, loss of appetite, focused attention, an increased desire to never lose.

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