o this was the first empirical survey I did inDanfo buses but this time, with the driver. That day, I had bought some bananas before I entered the Danfo (I love fruits a lot), so I sat on the front sit just beside the driver. When I got in, the driver seemed impatient to wait as his conductor tried to get some passengers but they weren’t forthcoming, due to the driver’s impatience, we left without a full bus.

The driver was kind of rough I must say, as he drove into road bumps and galloped like he was some 007 (double O 7). To keep calm, I decided to eat the banana on the journey. We got to a red light and then I offered the driver some banana. “Oga take banana,” I said in pidgin language, “thank you Aunty, thank you very much” he answered. Of course, I love that word, so I offered him some more bananas. He was so happy; he collected it and guzzled on it immediately.

He seemed hungry, so I was glad to have given, and believe me or not, the way the driver continued the journey changed- he drove more carefully, avoided bumps, in fact, I was surprised. “Could it be that these cantankerous acts Danfo drivers and conductors put are requirements for the job?” I wondered to myself. Whatever the case may be, I made some conclusions and recommendations that day.

Now based on the used methodology which is giving, I found out that- there is a possibility that these cantankerous acts Danfo drivers and conductors put out may not be their real character after all. I concluded that they probably put up this facade/attitude to keep up with the bustle of Lagos or, they probably act the way they do because of their immediate environment while growing up, who knows!

In my article on ‘DO YOU SAY THANK YOU TO THE BUS CONDUCTOR,’ I learnt the essence of saying thank you to the bus conductor. Again, as usual, I have learnt something else- ‘maybe thank you isn’t enough, giving maybe’ and I say this in all modesty. We may say thank you from our heart, but when we give, there’s just this deep sense of self-appreciation.

Giving is just like patting oneself on the back. It’s a beautiful feeling some can’t explain, truthfully, “it is more blessed to give than receive”. It’s so magnificent that, just like the law of Karma is a law of nature so also is giving for “when you give it shall be given unto you.” Although the author didn’t say when you give this you earn that, but that’s the beauty of it; you can give so little and receive so great.

In summary, never be too judgmental especially towards the Danfo bus drivers and conductors, there aren’t always what they put up out there to be. Some of you might have taken my ‘thank you’ advice, THANK YOU for that! So this day I rechallenge you, be a giver as well. You may say “what do I have?” well, that’s the beauty, give whatever you have and can, better things always come after that.

It doesn’t end here, there is more. Like my Nigerian people will say “Watch out for Part 2.”

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