Dating : How to put yourself out there but not be fake?

Dating : How to put yourself out there but not be fake?

It’s been about 9 months since my ex and I broke up after he admitted to cheating on me (that’s a whole other story)….I feel like I should move on and date other people but I feel no physical or mental attraction to anyone I talk to. Honestly, I have no interest in even talking to them, I always wish they were my ex. I feel like I conflict so much because I know I still love him even if I shouldn’t so I push that down and try to move on but I feel like I come off so fake because I have no interest. Do you guys have any tips on how to overcome this and be successful at dating again?

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  1. Reinvent yourself. Pick up a new hobby or an instrument. Create a new path for yourself and fill it with new things that can expand your experiences. You’ll meet new people along the path and see that their road might intersect with yours. Above all, do it for yourself. You deserve to give yourself another shot at it.

  2. If he cheated on you hes not worth it. Maybe don’t romanticize the god times with him too much. Everytime you find yourself doing that remind yourself why you broke up in the first place. Maybe then you will stop comparing others to ur ex/wishing they were him. And then just move on and be happy youre not with someone who betrayed ur trust before. Just my 2 cents on how I would handle it

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