Dating : Momtraneur’s Love Story

h2>Dating : Momtraneur’s Love Story

Jen Adams

Like I mentioned in my welcome post, I am an introvert which is why the work that I do as a virtual assistant makes me so happy because I don’t have to face people and deal with them every day. I prefer to be on my own and not talk to people. I work on my own time, in my bedroom or in my study, on the beach, in the mountains, at a cafe, or wherever I feel like working at the moment. It’s just me, my computer, and of course with my Mahal and bebe Tuz in tow and voila — — I am very happy!

Needless to say, the lack of social interaction with people, I do make up for by writing down my thoughts and feelings and this is why I’ve always loved blogging. It’s not the kind that pays though because I am a diarist after all. I don’t blog to sell stuff or to earn from ads or to get invited to events which naturally happened before. I got tired of it coz again, it involved being with other bloggers and as an introvert, my energy gets expended much more quickly when that happens. In short, attending events with lots of people drains me. As for the ads though, that might be an option I could explore in the future like maybe do affiliate marketing and the likes. Anyhoo, I blog because I want to express myself and share my thoughts and experiences and not to earn. I already have more than enough money anyway from my investments and other sources so blogging is just really FOR ME — — to make myself happy. And now that I am back to blogging, I am so much, much happier! Thank you to my best friend and life partner who generously supports me in everything I want to do. And not just the kind of support that lets me be or the “do-what-you-want-and -I’ll-do-what-I-want” type of support, but he teaches me things and suggests things I can further do so in that area I really am lucky.

I became a mother last year when our first child was born (will have blog posts dedicated to this for sure). All my life I never wanted to have kids but here I am now telling my old self “What was I thinking not wanting one? It’s the happiest thing that ever happened to me!” But I guess who I have a child with does play a big part. So that’s the Mom part. Then I’ve always loved to travel. Been traveling since I was 6 years old and it has always left a mark in my psyche. So whenever budget and time will permit it, no let me rephrase that, whenever my whole being wants to go and is itching to explore, I go wherever the wind blows me. That’s the travel part. Then I’ve always loved selling stuff since I was 7 years old, mostly stuff that I made myself and growing up, this passion has never faded. I made and sold stationery, trinkets, drawings, beaded accessories, soaps, spa products, etc. If I only have the extra energy to design my own clothes and sew them as well, I will! I’ve already been featured before at Philippine Daily Inquirer for my spa products, aired at QTV (now GMA News TV) for the Sexy Nomad Apparel I was in and featured in Rated K and Bandila of ABS-CBN for being an online entrepreneur a.k.a. virtual assistant. And this entrepreneurial spirit in me never subsided, just replaced by other more urgent and important stuff because for the most part, those ventures didn’t really earn me much, just enough to keep the passion going until I stopped because I wanted to do something else and travel more. And now that I am better at designing my life the way I want to live it before God decides that my time on Earth is over, I am taking steps to become a full-pledged business person. That’s the entrepreneur part. And I am just so lucky because I have for a life partner, a man who shares all these aspects of my being. Mahal is a devout father to our son, a traveler himself since we’ve been traveling together as best friends since a few years back, and he’s already an established businessman who owns his little resort down south — OSLOB NEW VILLAGE, so I am really learning a lot from him. We’re learning a lot from each other. We’re really partners which was what I’ve always wanted to have and thank God He finally gave him to me and he’s now here loving me and living with me as we raise our happy little family. I just want to document as much as I can the life that we’re living.

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