POF : A male and female debate from last night using POF or online dating and when to go direct communications.

POF : A male and female debate from last night using POF or online dating and when to go direct communications.

Yes, it is a struggle for males to get one message, that subject gets mentioned daily and the mobile app is buggy, we all got that.

For those that do get the messaging started, who should be the one to say, « hey, let’s get off here, here is my cell number. »

When I took the step, I’ve gotten total silence afterward. So, I feel the women should when she is comfortable giving her cell phone out.

Some women have stated the man should take control and should ask for it.

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  1. These rules annoy me. If I wanted to meet someone, I wouldn’t wait for them to suggest it. I also hope they wouldn’t wait for me to suggest it. Whoever thinks of it first should say it.

  2. As a woman, I hate the app messaging, and when I’m on messaging someone, it shows I’m online and tend to get a few new messages in that time, and to be honest, I’m not trying to talk to new people at the moment. So I’ve often tried to move to Kik (my go to so I don’t have to give out my phone number) and if they say they don’t have Kik then I give my number. In my experience, I’m at 50/50 on who recommends moving off the app first, and I have found those guys willing to move off the app for messaging are the ones serious about actually meeting (have had a few I’ve realized just needed a penpal, and I’ve been ok with that).

  3. Very extremely rare the women will ask to exchange numbers (unless you are a 10/10). Be a man and don’t fear rejection over the internet.

  4. I think that the female should be the person to initiate asking for a cell phone number. Tinder is a really good example of an app where women seem to expect that it is the role of the guy to send the first message. Where I live, a guy can’t match with anyone unless the female initiates everything and it gets annoying when they initiate a conversation and then just wait for the guy to do all of the hard work. Whereas most guys are on POF to try and actually meet someone, it appears that most females are there to play games.

  5. I’ve gotten one person who want to go straight to messengers, and we’re having great conversation. She didn’t even look at my profile or picture.

    I had another woman who gave me her number for texting, but after, she told me she has a boyfriend, and she doesn’t want to be friends with anyone she meets online. I don’t even know why she gave me her number.

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