Dating : Moon Bird

h2>Dating : Moon Bird

A poem

Shringi Kumari
Modified : “India — Jaipur2–020 — Reflections in mirrorwork” by mckaysavage is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Her ruby saree
shimmered under the chandelier, as
they sat, across broken love
drinking cardamom chai

She plucked mirrors off her saree
– removing one reflection at a time
His eyes, bars of candle
– lingered unlit

She undid her hair; strings of moon
fell on her lap. He reached
She flickered. He folded into a star
of another moonless night

They weren’t alone, not even today
– empty tea cups, bore leftover stains
They looked at each other, one at a time
A bird figurine brighter than their moon
– stood at the window

None of these could fly


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