Dating : Nineteen

h2>Dating : Nineteen

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It doesn’t feel long ago when I wrote about our first date. I can’t believe it’s time to share the last one.

We met at your place to head to an Italian restaurant just a short walk away. To avoid any distractions during our dinner, I decided to leave my phone in your apartment.

We ordered different pasta options to share — as usual. I remember the waiter being very nice, polite and lost because the restaurant had just opened a few days before. The food wasn’t that special, but the beginning of our last night together was.

On the way back to your place, we talked about everything, made fun of each other, told silly jokes that only we would find funny. So crazy to have such a strong connection in a limited window in time. It all went by oddly fast, as if the seconds, minutes, hours were running at a different speed.

When we arrived back at your place, it was only natural that we wanted to be all over each other like we always did. It was our last chance to be together, after all. But, ironically, the Universe had other plans. When I checked my phone, a dozen texts from my sister scared the shit out of me. My mother was rushed to the hospital with a lot of pain. And I rushed from your apartment without thinking twice.

That’s not how I imagined our goodbye.

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