Dating : No Rain No Flowers

h2>Dating : No Rain No Flowers

Dear teenage girl with the wandering eyes,

Please don’t assume that because I smile that I’ve never experienced loss,
Or that because I choose kindness that I lack discernment,
Please don’t assume that because I trust others that I’ve never been betrayed.
I have been and felt all these things,
With no rain there can be no flowers.

Most importantly, please don’t assume that because your mother never smiled didn’t mean she wasn’t happy or that she didn’t love you. You are appreciated. And you are loved.

Furthermore, my greatest happiness is rooted deep within my greatest pain. I’m speaking of Christ’s Crucifixion. What a paradox life is. My pain, of course, treads on guilt, disgrace, and a bit of shame, that because I’m not perfect enough that Christ had to endure my punishment. But those who know the beauty of Christ’s grace know that my pain is healed through the joy of eternal life because he paid the price. This love fills me with endless joy in a way only He can fill, but it isn’t without pain. Yeah, what a paradox life is.

What do you think?

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