POF : The time between messages makes this funnier

POF : The time between messages makes this funnier

The time between messages makes this funnier

By. katskachi

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  1. These are the reasons why most of us women don’t respond to messages saying we are not interested. Any time I have ever responded I have always gotten the most nastiest of messages back. Women can do the same thing too, I don’t do that.


    Men and women who do this always complain that they never get responses or complain that they are single, and then they pull this shit. This is why you are single because you can’t give someone a chance to respond. Maybe the person is busy and can’t respond right away

  2. Sometimes I send a Mixture of hi and Hello to people over the course of a few weeks if they don’t reply. It’s funny because sometimes they eventually reply and start a conversation. Others block me. Some ask me why I keep messaging when I don’t get a reply.

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