Dating : Old friends — part 3

h2>Dating : Old friends — part 3

Kimathi had slept like a rock. He woke up and stared at the ceiling for a couple of minutes. He could see the orange glow of the sun spreading into his room. The clock in his head said 6AM.

He got up, stood in the shower for ten minutes, used his small toothbrush, dressed and headed down. He found Rose sited at the restaurant having breakfast. He joined her and sat across her.

“Sleep well?”

“Like a baby” He said.

He could see her hair was wet. She was wearing sporty pants and shoes, she had probably been up early and exercising, maybe she had gone for a run.

Kimathi helped himself to some pancakes and eggs. The coffee was good, to be expected in this fancy place, he thought.

“So where exactly in Westy did he used to stay?”

“Kitisuru sides.”

Kimathi smiled, everyone really was doing better than him. He finished his breakfast and Rose went up to change. She came back wearing what looked like the same grey top she had and black jeans.

They headed down to her car and set off. The drive to Kitisuru was silent, Kimathi was thinking about his friend, and what he had gotten himself into.

They ended up on a lonely road with houses on either side, Rose pointed at a large house and then decided to park a couple of houses away. They walked up the leafy suburbs towards the house, it looked dull and empty.

Kimathi looked around and hurled himself over the wall, then helped Rose up. They headed for the house, the grass looked well maintained. Steve was organized.

The house was empty, Kimathi tried the door, locked. He made his way behind the house and checked the glass door overlooking the backyard, it was open, he glanced at Rose then slid inside the living room.

There was a large brown painting above the chimney. The furniture looked new, but the house was cold and stale. There was a smell, unmistakable. They looked at each other and made their way into the kitchen. It was empty and smelt of dish washing soap.

They made their way upstairs and Kimathi could hear the buzz of flies. The smell grew stronger. They came up the stairs and Kimathi asked Rose to stay put as he made his way towards the buzzing sound.

It was coming from the bathroom. He slowly pushed the door and it creaked away, the cloud of flies scattered and Kimathi saw a dog lying there. It was a large Shepherd, female.

The flies had been at its eyes and mouth. He was slowly joined by Rose who said “Nobody was home to feed her.” Kimathi nodded and just stared.

“Died of thirst. She must have drunk all the toilet water.”

They closed the door and headed to Steve’s office. It had been searched, it looked turned over, everything was everywhere, books and papers on the floor.

“Either searched or Steve had left in a hurry.” Kimathi said.

“I don’t think so, Steve is never in a hurry.” Rose said.

“You’re probably right.”

They looked around the room and soon gave up. Anything important must have been taken. They made their way outside and slid the glass door shut behind them. They crossed the yard and Kimathi hurled himself up again and helped Rose over after him.

They dropped on the paved side walk, Kimathi looked around. There was a blue Pajero about six cars down the road.

“I saw that car at the airport yesterday and again when we were living town.”

Rose nodded

“It followed me to the hotel as well and then drove away. It must have gone to the airport after you landed.” She said.

“Lets find out who it is.” Kimathi Said.

They pretended to have a conversation and act like they had forgotten something. They helped each other up the wall and back into the yard.

They walked past the house and went over the wall on the opposite side. They moved fast, round the street and came back up and behind the Pajero and approached it low.

Rose appeared on the passenger side and tapped on the window. The little man appeared stunned and turned to face her. Kimathi quickly opened the drivers door and drugged the little man out and dropped him.

He was up on his feet quickly, quicker than most, Kimathi thought and he stepped forward and headbutted him. Quick and Hard, perfect contact. Bone on bone, and the little man collapsed like the batteries had been taken out of him.

Rose came around and stared at him.

“Look familiar?” He asked


Kimathi searched his pockets and came up with a large bundle of thousands and he slid them into his pocket. He searched the back pockets and came up with a wallet.

“Shit.” He said

Rose stared at the wallet. “Shit”

Kimathi stood up “What is police doing tailing us?”

“I don’t know.” Rose said as she squatted down to examine the little man. She stood up and turned to Kimathi.

“Why did you have to hit him so hard?”

“I was upset about the dog.” Kimathi said.

“Well, he didn’t do it.”

“I know now.” He said.

She rolled her eyes as Kimathi placed the little man in the back seat of his Pajero and left him in the recovery position.

They slowly walked back to Roses’ Audi and got in. Kimathi said.

“He’ll wake up with a nasty headache and a need for retaliation.”

“And a broken nose.” Rose said.

He said nothing.

“Well, this just became a bit harder. I’ll have him and his friends on me from now on, I may have to lay low.”

Rose started the car and started to reverse.

“You know what this means.” Kimathi said.

Rose stared at him

“Yeah, anyone good enough to keep Steve from his dog is as good as us or better.”

Kimathi nodded.

“Which means, how far up does all this go?”

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