Dating : One Night. No More, No Less. A Night Well-Spent.

h2>Dating : One Night. No More, No Less. A Night Well-Spent.

Lizzy Rhine

What a wonderful night spent with a wonderful person. The front you put up to the world, broken down so easily between the sheets. I felt your desire for intimacy, of all kinds, but mostly for connection, understanding and comfort. Not many words were exchanged; the ones that were — natural, cheeky and similar. We fit that night, it was not planned, but it was right. Holding me tight, as if as if each squeeze was a relief of tension; slowly sinking into a blissful, untroubled sleep. A need for touch, to the body, to the soul. Effortless comfort, no questions asked; sudden laughter of strangers at the strangeness of the night. What a wonderful time with you. Perhaps I felt something you did not. Maybe I saw meaning where there was none. But is the world not more beautiful if we cherish these connections, these seemingly empty nights, that could be so full if only seen by the right pair of eyes? I say take it in, touch my cheek, pinch your arm. Yes, it was a senseless night, but what if our lives are a little bit changed now. What if we look at things a little differently. It may have done us both good. A snuggle, a cuddle, a laugh with a stranger. Maybe I see you again, maybe not. Either way, we both carry around a little speck of skin, of one another, on each of our shoulders. A night well spent, surrounded by your subtle scent; not sure what it meant, to you, to me, to the world. It was a night well spent.

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