Dating : Pashmina

h2>Dating : Pashmina

Hindi, Urdu poem (translated)

Shringi Kumari

Tumhe udhedke mujhe dhaage hi milenge
ya wo bhi nahi

Ek aadha zari shayad mile, uljha hua
hari ladiyo ke beech

Isliye, tum booni huyi pashmina shawl ban ke aate ho

Ki mai tumhari karigari mei kho jau,
dekhu ki tum kya kuch ho sakte ho,
tumhe yuhi, bina jaache, lapet lu

Ki dhua, jo tum ho
dhaago ke antriksh mei, azaad firo


-Shringi (a few days back)


Unpicking you, shall glean me only threads,
or not even that

I might find a silver string or so, tangled
amidst green yarn

This is why, you come to me as
finely embroidered pashmina shawl

I loose myself in your needlework,
Treasure you, for what you can be,
Wrap you, at once, without inspection

That, smoke, which you are
can ramble freely, in the cosmos of threads


Not sure if it works in English, wanted to share nonetheless 🙂

What do you think?

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