POF : I have never seen so many hostile people than on

POF : I have never seen so many hostile people than on

Talking to someone outside of this crappy site is a million times easier than trying to get conversation out of the women of pof, is nobody willing to talk?, is my picture so ugly that everyone wants to run a mile?, maybe, I don’t fucking know to be honest, women just don’t talk, they really don’t, they don’t care that you say hello, they don’t respond at all, i looked at the site today, saw the same faces that won’t speak and thought « Why the fuck am i bothering trying to say anything to this mass of horribles? »

By. Obtuseone

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  1. If they aren’t talking to you then how are they hostile? I mean, I would say hostile would be telling you to fuck off or threatening to stab you.

    In general, I get so messages from guys it gets annoying. I really don’t respond to hello. If they call me babe or dear or some other pet name I write them off (specifically have don’t call me that kn my profile). A little blurb about themselves is useful

  2. It’s a free website. Few people on there take it seriously.

    I’ve been off and on here and there. I’ve seen the same people. People keep holding out but eventually they either will get the one but more likely come up empty.

    Though I did meet one girl recently and gave my fingers crossed it will be legit.

  3. I prefer the terms tasteless, arrogant, lack of integrity, etc.

    If you are interested fine, so be it. But, a simple no thanks not interested would do the trick.

  4. I like to play a little game sometimes. How many message exchanges can it go before they ask a single question about my life?

    I think I got to 20 one time before I quit.

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