Dating : Perfect Burglary

h2>Dating : Perfect Burglary

Alexandre Freire

It was close to 10 pm. The exact time of the shift changing for the surveillance at the mansion. The perfect time to act. Then, a hooded figure dressed in black, protected by the moonless night launched its first movement, with ropes and hooks to climb the gigantic wall around the house.

Gloves and other rubber materials in their clothing and some bodily ability helped the intruder to pass through the electric fence at the top of the wall as well. The next obstacle would be the dogs. To distract them all, a banquet was brought in a bag: pounds and pounds of sausage.

Rapidly, the dogs were fighting over food, which would bring them more glory than running after a thief who was now at the bottom of the stairs towards the main entrance. But it was clear that this would be the most difficult place to enter. Nobody leaves the main access to the house unprotected. It would be enough to take a short walk to discover the security breach.

The mansion had hundreds of windows, certainly one of them had been left open by some oversight. After about 10 minutes of searching, the thief saw a curtain swinging on the second floor. Certainly, the wind showed what anyone wanted to be seen, that entrance was open.

This time, it would be better not to use the strings with hooks. They were too noisy for places so close to the house, in a room that anyone nearby could hear a different noise. The way was to use his climbing skills, with the support of the windows themselves and the decorative details carefully encrusted throughout the construction.

When he finally reached the window, the attacker discovered he was in a spacious bathroom. He took the opportunity to relieve himself, as he realized it was necessary to take a leak. Being on the second floor would also make things easier. After all, no one leaves anything valuable in easily accessible places. He stopped to hear if anyone was nearby and apparently that wing of the mansion was empty.

He went down a long corridor and went to the end. Obviously, the prize would always be as far away as possible. At the end of the corridor was an impressive room, with some giant pictures. Yes, each of the staff was worth a lot, but due to the size, it would need a team to perform such a difficult task. His focus was different.

After a little analysis of the paintings, it was easy to discover one that was totally out of step with the others. Apparently, it was the least valuable. Of course, that was the intention they were trying to leave there. Someone who cared about every detail of the house would not leave such a showy piece of art there for no reason.

It was enough to carefully remove the painting from the wall and then … Obviously, there was the big safe. Nobody has a safe like that without also having something extremely valuable. Now, it was only necessary to make the blacklight go into action and show the past movements on the keyboard of the safe. Number 3 and number 1 had fingerprints. Only in the case of 1, the brand was stronger. And the mansion street number was 131. The owner of the safe seemed too confident to choose such a password.

After typing 131, the thief managed to open the safe and saw a stack of cryptocurrency hardware wallets inside. For the volume, it could buy that entire mansion a few times. When all the contents of the safe were transferred to his wallet, an alarm began to sound and from the ceiling, a kind of cage fell arresting the invader.

The safe should have some sort of weighing-machine to raise the alarm when it runs out of weight. An intelligent device that even the most suitable man for that mission could not foresee. So, he was there, waiting for the police.

When they arrived, the police were surprised to discover that the intruder was the owner of the mansion, testing his alarm system. As he said, the best security system is one so good that not even the contractor knew all its secrets. He would certainly renew the contract with the company responsible for the surveillance of his home.

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