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I’ve been with you since you were birthed but I recently got to know you like I have never before . Being with you all along, knowing what makes you smirk, grin, laugh, laugh with tears rolling down, sad , cry, weep only makes me acknowledge that “you are indeed beautiful “.

I know you’ve waited a long time to be accepted as beautiful from within , I know you blame yourself for not accepting yourself first as that rather sought for the approval of others but I’m glad you came to this realization.

I’m extremely glad you found me in your reflection because I’ve waited so long to tell you this, so on this day I make these vows to you;

•I will love you no matter the situation

•I will not harm you emotionally with harsh words

•I will always show up for you even if I’m the only one

•I will surround you with people who genuinely love and care for you

•I will encourage you with words of affirmation

•I will not let your mind trick you emotionally

•You are honestly your own kind of beautiful and I love you for that

Writing all these with eyes full of tears because this is the first time I’m saying “I love you” and actually meaning it

I’ve been with you forever but from today I get to spend forever with you❤️

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