Dating : Seeking Advice

Dating : Seeking Advice

Me [28/f]
Interested in [31/m]

We’ve hung out about 6 times in the past 2 months. 90% of the meetups were initiated by me. We have great physical chemistry and good conversation.

2 times in a row I asked him to hang out, last minute. And he has.

He says that he enjoys spending time with me and yet it’s consistently about 2 weeks that we go without seeing each other and he lives less than 3min from me. There is no way he is too busy to ask me to hang out. He also isn’t a great texter so sometimes it’s 12hrs before I receive a response.

We haven’t had sex, and he knows I’m not going to unless I’m in a committed relationship.

Would love to hear some advice on this one

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  1. Also, I’ve had a guy tell me he’s “not a great texter” but then see how into texting he is with someone else, so I think it can often just be an excuse/his polite way of saying talking to you is not a priority.

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