Dating : Roy,

h2>Dating : Roy,

Divina Grey


Thank you for your response. I felt a rush of pain just in that first sentence you wrote. I’m sorry to hear that you are hurting. But thank you for speaking up. If I’ve learned one thing at all, it’s stuff NEEDS to be talked about. All of it. All the time. Honestly. It’s the most painful thing I’ve gone through for a while, but if I wanted to get anywhere (and back to good), we had to go through the bad. All of it..

I hope you and your wife can find a space together again where you trust and love and touch and laugh together again. You guys got married for a reason. My hope is that you both remember what that reason was, continue being patient with each other and yourselves. And keep working through your stuff.

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Dating : I’ve been through 2 relationships, the first one kinda ruined the second one and it’s kinda put me off of the dating game

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