Dating : I’ve been through 2 relationships, the first one kinda ruined the second one and it’s kinda put me off of the dating game

Dating : I’ve been through 2 relationships, the first one kinda ruined the second one and it’s kinda put me off of the dating game

TLDR: after 2 relationships, I’ve found I’m less confident and I’m always second guessing myself in situations that involve flirting, making moves or talking to girls. Pls help me be me again

Hey everyone, I’m new to this sub and figured that I would post something.

So I’ve started to second guess my self way more than I usually used to, and it’s begun to take a toll on my self confidence when it comes to approaching and talking to girls.

I’m not new to the dating game, I’ve had 2 relationships in the last 2 years. My first gf struggled with her mental health (she self harmed, depressed 5/7 days of the week) and the relationship ended on her terms as she couldn’t cope with being in a relationship, it really fucked me up when we broke up because I couldn’t see it coming at all. And i was pretty much left to just pick up the pieces and figure out what went wrong myself.

My second relationship was way more chilled out and relaxed but I was constantly comparing my new gf to my ex. it really just started to fuck up our relationship because I slowly realised I didn’t want to be with her and we ended up breaking up (but we’re still good friends, as we were friends before we started dating)

I really started to lose my confidence after the second relationship, I don’t really know when I started second guessing myself and losing my confidence. It comes back in waves but im usually just thinking of conversations I could be having rather actually manning up and starting them.

I kinda just want some advice on how I can feel less awkward when I’m around girls that I want to talk to, how to start getting that confidence back and how I can learn to stop second guessing myself. Anything would be handy, cheers

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  1. I think the first and best step is looking within yourself and working on the things that are making you uncomfortable before you put yourself out there. If you are stuck in a mindset where everything feels strange try taking a break and working on yourself for awhile and once you feel content in yourself then get back out there.

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