Dating : Sex on Tape

h2>Dating : Sex on Tape

There is something that turns me on about recording my sexual encounters. I like to play it back over and over when my lover’s not around. I’d rather watch my own videos than someone else’s encounters. I like to reminisce about the way it felt, everything that happened and everything that was said during the heat of that moment. I get aroused all over again watching us do our thing on camera.

I get all different kinds of views and angles. I really love the close ups that comes from both of our POV so I can see every detail. I love watching myself cream all over his dick. With every stroke I get him wetter and his dick gets more white, covered with my cream. It looks good on him. I also love hearing the sounds we make together. The wetness of my pussy combined with his continuous strokes makes the greatest sound on video. When I play it back I like to play it extremely loud. I want to hear it all! I just have to. I love hearing the sound of him going crazy inside my pussy. When he’s pounding me and I can hear his skin smacking against mine. Him softly moaning from the feeling of my pussy wrapped tightly around his thickness, while he’s making me scream from the way he pleasures my body.

What would the videos be without sound?

I sometimes masturbate to these videos when he is not around. When I really get into it, I like to close my eyes and imagine him being there with me taking control of my body once again. With my eyes closed, I focus deeply on the sounds while thinking back to what was happening in that exact moment and how good it felt to me.

I want to fuck him right now just writing about our encounters and bringing up memories of how he takes control of my body while taking great care of it too. But I’ll have to wait until he’s in my presence. It’s hard being addicted to sex and leading a busy life, but when we link up it’ll be well worth the wait.

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