Dating : The Candy Clavicle

h2>Dating : The Candy Clavicle

Ishan Pujari

The crunchy twigs cracked as my car passed over them,theymade loud noises. Being a Biologist I geeked myself to the answer that they were very dry because of the recent eruption of MountSugar last week. The eruption devastated Gabbars health, my dog, he died. I was crying inside not because I can’t express myself but becauseof the stereotype that men don’t cry. The burial of Gabbar is still fresh behindmy eye flaps.

I jumped out of my car with a boost after the shrill scream of a young girlechoed the burnt forest. I sprinted acrosstheburnt ashes as the particles filled my nose and made me cough. I was 100% sure that Shrutiwas somewhere in the forest. The thought of her getting lost kept me awake the whole night yesterday.I was fed up with the incompetence of the local authorities. They had diverted all their power to moving the civilians to safer grounds after the eruption.Was Shruti less important to them?

Soon the batteries of my torchlight had diminished,and I was left in pitch darkness alone, or as I thought.The smell of sweet sugarcanetravelled through my nose;I was flabbergasted by this miracle. If the whole forest burned down how can I sniff something fresh. I questioned myself, how was there peppermint candy out of the blue in the forest.

Suddenly something swished by quick, I pulled my body together and yelled asking who it was. There was no reply, no sound, only just the crickets chirping. I ducked down carefully to safety. There was something squishy that I touched. I resisted and pulled my hand backwhich gave me a feelingof vomiting.There was a sudden exchange of message between 3 people, I failed to understand what they were saying because it was anotherlanguage and it was extremely high pitchedgiving me a mini earthquake to my brain. The 3 creatures glowed and moved towards me.I gazed at themwhich gave me a better look at the illuminated squishy object on the ground, it was a Gummy bear.

It was red and looked rotten. The creatures forced towards me & chanted “control”. This tense situation gave me a nostalgic feeling, this used to happen in Pokémonwhen the Pokémon’s wanted to do a combined attack with their full potential. I jumped back from the memory and stayed still for 2 seconds until I scavenged through the woods fast to escape those alien creatures. I slipped and fell down the cliff until I grabbed the root of the banyan tree. The blood in my body heated up and made me nervous. I was a cliffhanger, just the way I’m going to leave you because I’m tired writing on the stretcher in the hospital after I was thrashed to earth from the cliff. I still miss Shruti and still pray for her health even though it has been a month and a half.

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