Dating : The Cliff Predicament (Pokémon 2000 Deleted Scene Story)

h2>Dating : The Cliff Predicament (Pokémon 2000 Deleted Scene Story)

Olivia Dogan

Note: Tracey is being replaced with Brock because of his hilarious personality, so anything that doesn’t have to do with Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny is what happened (or what was supposed to) in the movie 🙂

It’s a stormy evening, our young explorers sit near the edge of a large cliff, which on the bottom flows ice-cold water which not even the mightiest of Gyarados swim in.

“Ash!!! Are you ok? I was so worried about you! I and professor Oak saw the horrible weather and got the message about your Pikachu”, Delia said tightly hugging his son. “Pikapi…”, Pikachu says, dizzy. “Yeah, it was a pretty rough battle”, Ash agrees, remembering how much electricity Pikachu lost during the fight. “There’s a Pokémon center Nurse Joy runs not that far from here. We could walk there…after you rest”, Professor Oak said, walking towards Delia. “Sounds good! There’s nothing wrong with meeting nurse Joy this time of day…or any time of day really…” Brock said, starting to daydream things that will never happen.

Poor Brock

Misty intuitively pulls his ear away from his dreams of Nurse Joy. “Well…alright”, Ash said, sounding disappointed. “What’s wrong Ash?”, Misty asked with concern. “It’s just that…I’m worried about Pikachu. He doesn’t look right”. He’s constantly tripping over himself and looks kind of sick. “Ash, make you’re your Pokémon doesn’t walk too close to the cliff. In that state is could just-”


Pikachu dawdled over to the edge of the cliff and tripped. “PIKAAA!!!”, he yelled. He reluctantly grabbed on to a small branch dangling off the cliff. He fell. “I’M COMING PIKACHU”, Ash said. He took a deep breath and jumped.

“NO ASH!!!”, Misty screams, tears in her eyes. She jerks forward instinctively, but Brock catches her arm. “Don’t Misty!”, he warns.

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Misty pulls her arm away from his grasp and takes off her magenta sweatshirt to reveal a professional swim top that she wears in case of emergencies. She unravels her messy ponytail and her hair jumps down, barely going after her shoulders. This better be worth it, Ash Ketchum”, she says to herself and takes a graceful swan dive into her probable death. Delia screams.

Misty takes a harsh landing into the water and shivers. Completely soaked with the cold water of the river, she swims under and looks for Ash and Pikachu.

She sees Ash’s cap sinking down below the surface and grabs it. She looks up to see Ash with eyes closed floating, his Pikachu next to him, apparently trying to revive him from is passing out. Misty quickly swims over to Ash, his face paled. She grabs him and looks for Brock and the others. “Help!!”, she screams, terrified and shaken, not just because of the ice-cold water, but the site of her best friends unconsciousness. Brock yells out to Misty. “Over here! Grab this rope!” Without hesitation, she grabs the rope and started to get pulled out of the water.

She constantly fights off the hankering to close her eyes, knowing that she would pass out, too. A piercing pain stabs her in her lungs area, and she, again, fights it off. Once the rope is pulled all the way, Misty carefully lays out Ash onto the ground and she hunches over the edge of the grass, panting. She was continuously shivering. Her hair was sticking to her neck and her clothes were tightened, clinging to her skin. Her breathing was slow and shallow. She took one last look at everyone helping Ash and she felt a hint of accomplishment. Her eyes fell shut and she slipped back into the water, barely in time to receive Brock’s reach.

The next morning…

Pokémon Center

Misty woke up to notice a warm washcloth laying on her forehead and her entire body wrapped in soft blankets. To her right was a nightstand which laid a thermometer which read 92 degrees Fahrenheit and her clothes, still wet from the incident last night. Then she remembered. She saved Ash. She couldn’t remember any of the details, other than she was so cold. She took off her heavy mountain of blankets and, still lying down, checked her body temperature with the thermometer that she supposedly used before. “96.5”, she read, and then Ash’s mom opened the door. She looked at Misty worriedly and walked over. She sat on the foot of her bed and took a look at the thermometer that Misty held in her hand. “It’s ok. It was better than before”, she said reassuringly. “How are you feeling Misty?” she asked.“Is Ash awake? Is he okay?” Misty asked. “He’s fine, don’t worry. He woke up as soon as we got to the Pokémon center. Misty scooched back to sit up, but she couldn’t. She felt much better than before, but her legs were trembling. “Oh no…”. Delia noticed her struggling to get up. Do you need something to help you get up? Let me take go take a look. Nurse Joy gave me the key to the medical supplies closet. Be right back Misty”, Delia said kindly.

“Nurse Joy?” Misty asked although it was too late- she was already gone. “Hmm”, she thought. “I must be at the wing for people at the Pokémon center professor Oak was talking about. She used her arms to prop her body up and to the side of the bed so she could turn around. Delia rushed back into the room holding up a pair of light pink colored crutches. “Will this do?”

After changing into a set of clothes Delia had for her, both of them walked into the waiting room to see the rest of the group; Ash, holding his cap still wet, and looking at it deeply, his Pikachu perched like a bird on his shoulder. Brock was taking out a canteen and some silverware that looked like it was for breakfast, and professor Oak examining Ash’s Pokédex. As Delia began to speak, they all looked up simultaneously. “Misty!” Brock and Oak said. “Misty…” Ash said and stood up. She smiled, appreciative of the recognition they gave her (she deserved it). Ash’s mom guider her to a seat and she layed her crutches down against it. “Ash, are you alright?” she asked. “I’m fine, I just took a rough fall into the water. What about you”. “I’ll be ok”, she responded. “Hm…” Ash said uncertainly. “What!” Misty said, agitated. Her temper could already be provoked easily, but when she can’t even walk without holding a pair of pink twigs, it would probably raise even more. “Your legs…they’re trembling…” Ash said.

“That’s true Misty…you should tell Nurse Joy to come over here…she can help you. Brock gave a smile to the thought of Nurse joy coming over. “Ash and Misty looked over at Brock, who realized that they understood him. “Hehe…heh..” he responded, smugly. “If I could walk over to you, I wouldn’t take a second guess of pulling you by the ear out of this Poké center”, Misty said, annoyed. “And Ash…do you know what happened yesterday? I mean obviously I got into the water and stuff but could you explain the rest?” she asked. “Well, my mom said that you followed me, jumping off the cliff yesterday and that you risked your life to save mine”, he responded, looking at Misty seriously. He thought about all the damaged he cause to Misty. There were bags under her eyes and she looked really weak. “My mom must have been so worried”, he thought. “But she wasn’t the one who saved me. Why?”

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