Dating : The Cultural Highlight of my Week :- ’Casablanca’

h2>Dating : The Cultural Highlight of my Week :- ’Casablanca’

The Cultural Highlight of my Week :- ’Casablanca’

Black and white movies are easily ignored. Out-of-date, clunky sets, hammy acting.

‘Casablanca’ does everything to dispel that myth.

Somehow via the black and white cinematography you can feel the colour and smells of the streets of Casablanca. The hustle and bustle of the market place and the treachery of the American bar where all sorts of wheeling and dealing takes place provides thrills right down to the bone.

The impact of war and the desperation of the refugees to escape to a safer life, a better world, you can feel the fright and the anxiety from the various characters and their complex narrative.

The Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman pairing is truly electric. They were both incredible actors.

Before I watched the movie properly, from the clips of Casablanca which I have seen superficially I was never sold on Humphrey Bogart as being an inviting actor. However, based upon a work colleagues’ recommendation I thought I would give it a go.

I absolutely loved it. Never shall I doubt how thrilling a black and white movie can be.

Humphrey Bogart belongs to one of those rare group of actors who can convey anger, disdain, indifference, concern, romance, heart break without moving a muscle on his face. I love those kind of actors. The acting of absolute subtlety but with hard hitting conveyance.

The fresh faced Ingrid Bergman is the heroine who is torn between two good men against the back drop of World War Two where lives are ended for fighting a war towards a more just future.

The orchestral music adds to the drama, the moments of heightened tensions, the warning of some imminent wrong doing, the claustrophobia of injustice in a land where proxy wars play out.

The songs played in the bar to convey joviality, romance, sadness, nationalism and patriotism adds to the atmosphere furthermore.

The treacherous double dealing side characters, the heroes of the underground movement, the main hero, the heroine and the wretchedness of love lost and found and lost again despite a desperation to hold onto it.

‘Casablanca’ is incredible. I can wholly recommend this beautiful movie.

What do you think?

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