Dating : The Cynical World of Relationships

h2>Dating : The Cynical World of Relationships


If you’re 25+ years of age, you’ve probably figured out by now that love and all that comes with is nothing like the movies.

In your head there’s this list of things you think you want, what you will not deal with and a whole bunch of error thoughts with no trial. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and




In your head that is.

The sooner you get out of your head and present in the relationship, I guarantee you the results will be that much more clear. Perfection should be the furthest from your mind. The most loyal and committed guy/girl could lack a spontaneous spirit with an uncomplimented sex game. The guy/girl that makes every day feel like an adventure and is the epitome of passion may run for the hills when committment is mentioned.

Relationships are not meant to be labeled as black and white, robotic and figured out. There will be life-altering situations within that relationship that could completely change an individual for the better or worse. Question is how do you adapt and find your ground in the midst of the storm? How do you love beyond flaws? How do you see past a mistake?

That’s just it the exact answer isn’t written down in some book you can purchase or found in between the lines of this article. We all know what we can personally handle. And vice versa.

The best thing to do for yourself when in doubt is think of yourself. What is your mental capacity? Are you capable of moving forward, even if your tank is on empty?

Relationships swallow us up and spits us out. The energy that goes into loving another can be exhausting, but in a good way. It challenges us and makes us stronger. It builds character. Some of the best stories come from a struggle. Some of the most successful relationships have some skeletons.

At the end of the day, we all have our moments where we trip and fall on our faces. We pour into people with their empty buckets to take what they don’t even deserve.

We owe ourselves the best love that could be ever given from another. If you can’t believe that from the bottom of your heart, you’re simply not ready. And that’s okay too. Unlike time, love can wait.

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