Dating : The Man In The Camera

h2>Dating : The Man In The Camera

Night 1:

One night I was sitting on the couch just about to head to bed.

When someone started knocking on the door.

That was strange as it had been dark for a couple hours.

I asked through the door if anyone was there but didn’t get an answer.

I asked a couple more times but still silence.

Thinking I might have just been hearing things, I turned to leave when the knocking started again.

Again, I asked “Who’s there?” but no answer.

They knocked a couple more times, but once I stopped saying anything it stopped. I figured it was some kids in the neighborhood, but I wasn’t about to open the door to find out.

Night 2:

I had mostly forgotten about the knocking. I told a couple people at work about it and they agreed it was probably kids.

Again right before bed there was a knock at the door.

This time I wasn’t taking the bait thinking whoever it was would get bored.

But when I tried to walk away they started pounding on the door. That’s when it got real. They were pounding so hard I thought the door was going to break.

I dialed 911 and started shouting that the police were coming.

Eventually it stopped just before the cops showed up. I talked to them and they said they’d search around he neighborhood as well as leave a squad car in front on my house.

I went to bed after that, but didn’t sleep.

Night 3:

It happened again.

This time earlier and pounding even harder. I started screaming to please go away but they only stopped pounding on the door to start banging on my windows.

The cops showed up and I was frantic. Luckily I was taking video with my phone so they didn’t think I was crazy.

The police took me to a friend’s house to stay the night.

I slept for the first time in a couple nights.

Night 4:

I stayed at my friend’s again.

Night 5:

I came back to my house.

This time I had 911 already dialed. I also got a baseball from the garage.

I waited, and waited.

And waited.

Just before midnight someone started scratching at my door. No knocking or pounding. It sounded like they were running their fingernail against the door.

I yelled out that I had a gun and the noise stopped.

Night 6:

I got one of those Ring cameras. I was going to find out who was out there.

This time I waited up all night, but nothing.

Not a single sound, and nothing on the camera.

But when I walked out the door to go to work I saw a piece of paper taped to my door that read:

I freaked out.

Night 7:

I stayed a friend’s house again. The police said they’d drive by my house that night to see if anyone came back.

Again I watched the camera feed but nothing.

Night 8:

I borrowed a gun.

And waited.


Night 9:


Night 10:


Night 11:

Nothing happened during the night but when I left there was another sign that read:

Night 12:

There was more knocking.

And I could hear laughing coming from outside.

But nothing on the camera.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I loaded a blank into the borrowed revolver and fired.

The knocking stopped. I thought about calling the police but I didn’t know how to explain the gun.

Night 13:

I waited all night.

This was stopping one way or another.

Just before midnight there was pounding at the door.

I was terrified and staring at the camera.

Finally and man stepped into view. He had the creepiest smile on his face and a sign that read:

I for sure wasn’t doing that.

He waited for a while and I guess he was tired of being outside since was also holding a crow bar.

He walked and smiled into the camera before smashing it.

I could hear him jam the crowbar into the doorjamb and start trying to wedge it open.

The whole time laughing.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I fired all six round through the door.

But when I opened it there was no one there.

The police came. I showed them all the recordings before he broke the camera.

I never went back to the house again.

And they never caught the man in the camera.

What do you think?

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